Privacy policy statement

Privacy policy statement
Data Protection Policy Jedox Job Portal

Jedox AG, located in Freiburg, Germany, is responsible for the job portal and is the controller under data protection law. If not stated otherwise, “Jedox” or “we” relates to all locations in the Jedox Group. You can use the following links to access Jedox AG legal information and the general data protection policy for use of the Jedox portal.
This data protection policy solely describes processing and use of the personal data that you have entered or uploaded on the Jedox job portal for the purpose of applying for a job.

1. Consent at registration
In order to apply electronically for a job at Jedox you need to register on our job portal and to consent to the processing and use of your data for the purpose of a job application. For registration we ask you for your name and 1st name and your email-address. We will use this address only for communicating with you for the purpose of your job application.

2. Consent when applying for jobs outside Germany
The Jedox AG head quarter in Freiburg collects your application data and transfers them to the respective location in the Jedox group that you apply for a job at. At the following link you can access an up to date list of Jedox locations, including their legal form and full address.
With your application you consent to such transfer. If the location of your choice is outside the European Economic Area, you also consent to processing of your data in a third country under data protection law.

3. Consent to storing your data after rejection of your application
By ticking the respective check-box, you can determine during the registration process already whether your data - after a rejection of your application - should deleted in compliance with legal provisions, or should be kept on record for consideration for other job openings. Please see 7. Storing and deleting your data.

4. Using your personal details
Your form of address, first name, last name and the usual correspondence information such as postal address, email address and telephone numbers are stored in the applicant database during the application process. Application documents such as your letter of application, CV, educational and training qualifications and work certificates can be uploaded into the applicant database. This data will only be stored, evaluated, processed or forwarded internally as part of your application. It may be accessible by Haufe-umantis AG and their partners and it may be transferred within the Jedox Group as described in 2. Consent when applying for jobs outside Germany. Internally it is only accessible to Jedox employees in the HR department and to those individuals who are in charge of making the decision. Under no circumstances your data be will transferred to any other company or individual outside of Jedox, Haufe-umantis AG and their partners or used for any other purpose.
The data may be processed or used for statistical purposes (e.g. reporting). In such cases, data no longer relate to an identifiable person.
Should you take up employment at Jedox, your application data, or at least a part of it, will be added to your personnel file.

5. Data Protection and Data Security
Your data will be stored and processed on our software partner’s Haufe-umantis AG systems. Data protection and data security matter to us.
Protect your profile on our job portal against unauthorized access by choosing an appropriate password.
Jedox and the software partner Haufe-umantis AG have taken the organizational and technical measures required to protect the confidentiality of your application. Under the terms of their employment contract, all the employees in our HR department and that of our software partner are obliged to comply with data secrecy provisions to keep personal details confidential. An automatically activated 128 bit encryption system ensures that your data will be transmitted securely. When processing data, we take into account general data security standards in line with the latest technology.

6. Exercising your rights as a data subject
Any time during the application process you have the right to access your electronically stored data, and to change or delete them yourself.
As a data subject you may exercise your right of access to your personal data (Art. 15 GDPR). You may have your data rectified in pursuit of Art. 16 GDPR, or on specific grounds have them erased according to Art. 17 GDPR. In accordance with Art.18 GDPR you have the right to restriction of processing, and on grounds relating to your particular situation, you additionally have the right (in pursuit of Art. 21 GDPR) to object to processing your data generally or in parts. For data that you have provided to us, you have the right to receive them in a commonly used and machine-readable format. You have the right to withdraw your consent with processing of your data at any time, with future effect. That means that your withdrawal can only effect future processing. Consequently, past processing remains in compliance with data protection stipulations.
To exercise your rights against us, please submit your request to the Jedox AG HR department at our headquarter in Freiburg, Germany.
You have the right to lodge a complaint at a supervisory authority.

7. Storing and deleting your data

After you have applied for a job, but you have been notified that your application has been rejected, then your personal data will remain stored for a time period of about three months, after which it will be deleted (profile and application data). You will not be notified that the data has been deleted.
If you have applied, but we were unable to offer you a suitable position at that time, we may add your application to a talent pool, provided that you have consented with that according to section 3. Consent to storing your data after rejection of your application.
In such a case, you will be notified. Should you not want this, or if you should no longer be interested, you can delete your data (profile and application data) yourself whenever you wish. If your application is added to a talent pool, the data will be stored for 12 months and then deleted without notification.

8. Access to your data
By accepting our private policy, you confirm that Jedox’s partner company Haufe-umantis may share your data with third parties and third-party countries, e.g. U.S. and India due to technical support for the umantis application management tool. You may assert your right to access, correct or delete your personal data in accordance with Legal obligations at any time by contacting

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